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Fill the most bothersome gaps in your smile with a meticulously crafted dental implant, a permanent solution to your restorative dentistry needs! Dental implants are very popular among patients who have had to have a full tooth extraction. The result is an aesthetically appealing, natural-looking tooth that is screwed into the jaw bone and shaped to suit your smile.

Dental Implants at a Glance

What sets dental implants apart from other restoration options is their permanence, comfort, and low-maintenance design. The implant is a metal post that is surgically placed below the gum line, and in more complex cases where the bone has deteriorated, your dentist may take a bone graft from your jaw to attach the implant. Once the post heals, acting like a root, we will attach a false tooth over it.

Restore your Confidence with a Dental Implant

A radiant smile is truly priceless, which is why many of our patients choose to invest in this restorative treatment method even though it is at a higher price point than other cost-effective alternatives. Dental implants are permanent, comfortable, and low-maintenance as long as you maintain a proper oral hygiene routine, so we encourage you to book a consultation if you’d like to learn more!

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