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As friendly and approachable as our dental team is, we take a compassionate approach to patient care because we understand that some patients experience severe anxiety and anticipatory fear when they have to see the sedation dentist in Burnaby,BC whether it’s for a routine oral exam or a specific dental procedure. To accommodate patients with anxiety or who have trouble sitting through their visit, we offer IV and oral sedation options near you.

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IV Sedation Dentistry in Burnaby

If you are someone who experiences severe anxiety when visiting the dentist, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease while we take care of your oral health. That’s why our team offers IV sedation for patients undergoing routine dental procedures at our dental clinic. Once we confirm you have a safe ride home post-procedure, we will administer IV sedation to help you relax from start to finish. Experience stree free dental procedures with IV sedation in Burnaby, BC.

Oral Sedation

At Middlegate Burnaby Dentist, we also offer oral sedation in Burnaby for patients who have a hard time sitting through their oral health exams. Oral sedation is a safe and helpful option for our pediatric patients or anyone who could use a little help relaxing in the dentist’s chair. We will ensure you understand the procedure and the process for taking oral sedation in Burnaby, BC before writing you the prescription. You will also need to plan for a safe ride home after your visit.

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