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Your smile is your first impression, and we want yours to radiate confidence through every season of life! Thanks to genetics and various oral health factors, not everyone is blessed with a perfectly straight smile, which is why our orthodontics in Burnaby, BC offers modern orthodontic treatment options in Burnaby to help you enhance your beautiful smile. Ask your orthodontist near you about clear aligner therapy and Invisalign at Middlegate Burnaby Dentist today!

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Clear Aligner Therapy in Burnaby

Say goodbye to bulky, invasive braces and hello to discreet, effective clear aligner therapy! near you Orthodontic technology has come a long way over the years, and thanks to modern advancements in materials and aesthetics, our team is able to offer clear aligner therapy as an alternative to traditional wire braces to aid in straightening your smile with fewer follow-up appointments for your convenience! Visit us for orthodontic treatment in Burnaby.

How Clear Aligner Therapy Works

Clear aligner therapy involves using thermoplastic trays that we custom-fit to suit your unique teeth structure to straighten out crooked adult teeth gradually. Their clear makeup makes these aligners much less noticeable than metal braces without compromising the quality of the teeth-straightening capabilities. Clear aligners are easily removable, so you can eat and drink comfortably, maintain your proper dental hygiene routine, and move through the process confidently.

Find Out if Clear Aligner Therapy Near You is for You

If you find yourself stifling your smile in order to hide crooked teeth, clear aligner therapy might be the perfect orthodontic treatment option to help you work towards the perfectly straight smile of your dreams. When you book an orthodontic consultation for clear braces near you at Middlegate Burnaby Dentist, your dentist will assess your mouth, teeth, and gums to determine if you are a good candidate for clear aligner therapy in Burnaby.

Invisalign in Burnaby

At Middlegate Burnaby Dentist, we are proud to offer the highly sought-after Invisalign in Burnaby to new and existing patients! We are committed to creating healthy smiles, which starts with having the right tools in our arsenal to provide the most innovative orthodontic treatment methods on the market.

Getting Started with Invisalign

When you book an orthodontic consultation for Invisalign near you with your trusted dental team at Middlegate Burnaby Dentist, we will start by taking a complimentary digital scan of your teeth using 3D imaging so we can get a 360-degree look at your smile. We will then use our AI-powered Outcome Simulator to show you how your teeth could be enhanced after a course of Invisalign therapy. If it’s the right fit, we will discuss financing and timelines for your treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign Near You

The benefits of Invisalign clear aligner therapy in Burnaby transcend beyond a straighter smile, as properly aligning your teeth can make brushing and flossing easier, which will help you maintain a proper dental hygiene routine for proactive oral maintenance. If left untreated, poorly aligned teeth can contribute to future health issues like receding gums, gum disease, sensitivity, and more. Get in touch with us today to experience the many benefits of Invisalign near you for yourself!

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