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Keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy for life is our mission at Middlegate Burnaby Dentist! We are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to protect your smile for life, which includes protective dental appliances near you like night guards, retainers, sports mouth guards, and devices for snoring and sleep apnea. “Visit us for exception dental appliance in Burnaby, BC.”

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Night Guards In Burnaby

If you notice you have been starting your day in pain, whether it’s a headache, sore jaw, or sensitive teeth at the first sip of hot coffee, you could be subconsciously clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth in your sleep. Constant grinding and clenching can seriously damage your teeth over time, which is why your dentist might recommend a tailor-made night guard to protect your pearly whites overnight.

Retainers In Burnaby

Did you know that even if you invest all that time and money into orthodontic treatments for a straighter smile, your teeth can start to migrate back to their originally crooked state without a post-braces dental appliance like a custom-fitted retainer? To keep your smile looking flawless and perfectly straight for years to come, be sure to get fitted for a retainer to wear regularly.

Sports Mouth Guards In Burnaby

Participating in team sports can be very beneficial for your physical and mental well-being, but as dentists, we do fear for your perfect pearly whites every time you hit the playing field! To keep your smile safe throughout your athletic career, be sure to get fitted for a sports mouth guard that will keep your teeth protected from game to game. Investing in a mouth guard now could save you from an emergency dental bill down the road.

Snoring Devices & Sleep Apnea Devices In Burnaby

There are many factors that can contribute to sleep conditions like frequent snoring and sleep apnea, but no matter the root cause, our team at Middlegate Burnaby Dentist, can help ease the burden so you (and your sleeping partner) can enjoy a peaceful, restful sleep through the night. Ask us about our dental appliaces in Burnaby like, snoring devices and sleep apnea devices at your next oral exam!

Sleep Soundly with a Snoring Aids Near You

When frequent snoring starts to affect your ability to get a full night’s sleep, it’s imperative for your health and well-being to address the issue and experiment with different sleep aids and snoring devices to address the problem. Snoring can be caused by genetics, physiology, or your lifestyle; it usually means there is a partial obstruction in your airway. If over-the-counter breathing strips aren’t doing the trick, ask your dentist how we can help soothe your snoring.

Sleep Apnea Devices In Burnaby at Middlegate Burnaby Dentist

Sleep apnea occurs when your throat muscles relax too much in your sleep, which causes them to obstruct your airway. This is a serious medical condition that can be life-threatening if left untreated because the airway obstruction keeps oxygen from flowing properly, which essentially means you can’t breathe in your sleep. Ask your dentist about our tailor-made oral devices near you that are designed to relieve frequent bouts of sleep apnea.

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